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All You Need is Cash

The Pre-Fab Four

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i'm proud to say i, nudistbudhist, am creating the very first community about the fab four. well i suppose it's not the first to be made about the real fab four... but who really notices those things anyways? eh moving on...

The Rutles are a legend. A living legend.
A legend that will live long after
other living legends have died.
This is the semi-legendary story of the Prefab Four who made the sixties what they are today!

The Rutles Story
On January 21, 1959 the Rutles story began at 43 Egg Lane, Liverpool, where Ron Nasty and Dirk McQuickly first bumped into each other. Ron invited Dirk to help him stand up. Dirk, merely an ameteur drinker, agreed and on that spot a legend was created, a legend that will last a lunchtime. They were soon to be joined by Stig O'Hara, a guitarist of no fixed hairstyle, but it would be another two years before they found their regular drummer, Barrington Womble, hiding in the van. When they did, they persuaded him to change his name to save time and his haircut to save Brylcreem. He became simply Barry Wom.

so basically, if you like the Rutles, feel free to join this community.

♪I Gave Rutlemania A Chance.♪