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gif up and go [Oct. 1st, 2005|09:21 am]

Sorry for the bad entry title. I had to!

I made some animated Rutles gifs.Collapse )
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Request [Aug. 16th, 2005|09:43 pm]

[mind-set |boredbored]
[musique |The Beatles - I've Got A Feeling (in my head, yes I have)]

This community is dying

Anyroad, if anyone reads this:
does anyone have Let's Be Natural and Back In '64 from the Rutles CD's? Thanks a lot!
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2005|12:59 am]

Did I really never post this here?


Anyway I was pondering who here likes The Rutles of liking The Beatles? Well obviously I like The Beatles, saying that is saying like you like chips, but I am not an obsessive fan of chips or anything. For me, I took the Bonzos + Pythons = Rutles route.
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(no subject) [Jun. 25th, 2005|06:51 pm]

[mind-set |geekygeeky]
[musique |Things I Said Today - Beatles]

Hello everybody! New member here. I've been a huge Beatles fan since I was young, and I saw the Rutles for the first time about a week ago! I loved it. I'm in the UK so I've not been able to get hold of a copy of the second film, but hopefully they'll release it here one day! Neil Innes was spot on as Lennon.

Some favourite parts:

"And it was here, in London..." *turns around and sees New York* ... "!!!"

The Cheese and Onions video. Fantastic!

Anything with Leggy Mountbatten. Hilarious.

Ron Decline! "People would commit suicide rather than meet with him." :D

George Harrison as the reporter, doing an interview while people carry off stuff (including the giant stuffed bear) from Rutle Corps behind him. "So, Stig injured by Big Valerie."

Nasty and Chastity. *sporfle*

And so many other brilliant parts ... but my very favourite scene was the Tragical History Tour, particularly the 'Piggy In The Middle' video. I'm addicted to that scene and have played that scene (scene 9, by the way :D) over and over on the DVD. I love the spoof video for it, with the scout girls and nuns and rabbits and penguins, and the four of them on the wall and in the pig masks... just brilliant.

I wonder if any of you have an mp3 of Piggy in the Middle? I'm oredering the CD from Amazon but it's coming in from the US so will probably take ages to reach me, and I love that song, and it would be much easier not to have to keep playing the DVD to hear it. :)

Give tea a chance,
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(no subject) [May. 7th, 2005|12:37 pm]

[mind-set |amusedamused]
[musique |I am The Walrus by The Beatles]

Am new here just joined :)
I love the rutles so much, lol. My mum made me watch All you need is cash and from there on i am now in loveness, lol. Also i love the Beatles and Monty Python so you can see why i love the rutles.

Anyway hello everyone! :)
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"the rutles" is available for download [Apr. 24th, 2005|10:30 pm]

[mind-set |sleepysleepy]
[musique |Adrian Belew - Birds]

The Rutles' album "The Rutles" is now available for download. the album is split into four parts. all the links will expire at 2005-05-26
part 1
1. The Rutles - Goose-Step Mama (1978) (2:18)
2. The Rutles - Number One (1978) (2:51)
3. The Rutles - Baby Let Me Be (1978) (1:56)
4. The Rutles - Hold My Hand (1978) (2:10)
5. The Rutles - Blue Suede Schubert (1978) (2:13)
6. The Rutles - I Must Be In Love (1978) (2:06)

part 2
7. The Rutles - With A Girl Like You (1978) (1:52)
8. The Rutles - Between Us (1978) (2:02)
9. The Rutles - Living In Hope (1978) (2:38)
10. The Rutles - Ouch! (1978) (1:51)
11. The Rutles - It's Looking Good (1978) (2:03)
12. The Rutles - Doubleback Alley (1978) (2:55)

part 3
13. The Rutles - Good Times Roll (1978) (3:04)
14. The Rutles - Nevertheless (1978) (1:29)
15. The Rutles - Love Life (1978) (2:50)
16. The Rutles - Piggy In The Middle (1978) (3:18)
17. The Rutles - Another Day (1978) (2:11)

part 4
18. The Rutles - Cheese And Onions (1978) (2:41)
19. The Rutles - Get Up And Go (1978) (3:17)
20. The Rutles - Let's Be Natural (1978) (2:30)
21. The Rutles - Ging Gang Goolie (Dirk & Stig Solo Single) (1978) (3:05)
22. The Rutles - Mr. Sheene (Dirk & Stig Solo Single) (1978) (2:25)

note that each part is packed with WinRar
the music is for personal evaluation purposes only. please purchase the disc if you like it
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(no subject) [Apr. 24th, 2005|03:03 pm]

Hey! The other day I just saw the Rutles movies, All You Need is Cash and Can't Buy Me Lunch. They are wonderful!! I was wondering if anyone hear could send me the songs Hold My Hand, I Must Be in Love, Ouch!, and Number One in Mp3 form? Thanks so so much!!! ;)

My e-mail is aabar@comcast.net
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Rutlemania!!! AHHH! RON! [Apr. 12th, 2005|01:17 pm]
[mind-set |determineddetermined]
[musique |Ouch- The Rutles]

"Goose step mama, and uncle John..."

Hello, luvs... this fan group is hip to the max.

I heart RUTLES.
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(no subject) [Apr. 6th, 2005|04:52 pm]

[mind-set |amusedamused]

I don't know what this is but it's funny...
$3000?Collapse )
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Rutles songs [Apr. 5th, 2005|10:49 pm]

[mind-set |calmcalm]

Can anyone put some songs on line (probably on yousendit.com)? I especially like "I Must Be in Love", "Ouch!" and "Get Up and Go".
And I found this site with the chords for the Rutles songs:
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